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Illinois Class K Wastewater Operator Changes Proposed 

July 9th, 2014

Illinois is considering changes to its Class K (Industrial) Wastewater Operator Certification, including requirement of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), additional fees, and changes to the exam.

CEUs:  Illinois is one of the few states that does not require continuing education of its operators.  Illinois EPA’s Wastewater Board has proposed requiring certified operators to keep up to date on new technologies by instituting CEU requirements similar to those required for public water supply operators.

Fees: Legislation would be required to allow IEPA to collect fees for applications, testing renewals, etc.  There are currently no fees associated with the wastewater operator certification program.  IEPA is in the early stages of determining if a fee schedule is appropriate.

Exam changes:  IEPA is considering five different exams, in various levels of operational complexity.  Currently the Class K exams are facility-specific.  Updating the exams would allow faster grading (since questions could be multiple choice instead of written) and allow certified individuals to remain certified at a new facility without taking an additional exam.

Gabriel will continue to stay informed of these potential changes to the Class K regulations and will publish any important updates that may impact our clients.

For more information about the Class K training that Gabriel offers, visit our Class K webpage or contact Brigid McHale at bmchale [at] gabenv.com.

Information on the proposed Class K changes courtesy of Illinois Manufacturer’s Association


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