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June 11th, 2014

Form A or Form R – Due July 1st

Form A or Form R (Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements) are due July 1st each year for all facilities that store or release toxic chemicals above reporting epa_logo2thresholds.

Facilities are required to report to the TRI Program if it meets ALL of these three threshold criteria:

  • The facility is included in a TRI-covered North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code (see the TRI NAICS code webpage or Table I of the current Reporting Forms and Instructions for a complete list); and
  • The facility has 10 or more full-time employee equivalents (i.e., a total of 20,000 hours or greater; see 40 CFR 372.3); and
  • The facility manufactures (defined to include importing), processes or otherwise uses any EPCRA Section 313 chemical in quantities greater than the established threshold in the course of a calendar year.

EPA’s TRI website has a Threshold Screening Tool to help you determine if your facility is required to report TRI data.

If you need assistance completing your Form A or Form R, or have questions about the TRI program, contact Brigid McHale at bmchale[at]gabenv.com or 773-486-2123.