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Who is JULIE? And why do you call her before you dig?

October 2nd, 2014


julie locate sidewalk

JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) is Illinois’ free one-call message handling and delivery service committed to protecting underground utilities and the safety of people working or living near them.  Any excavator or contractor who is digging as part of their job must call JULIE at least 48 hours (two working days) before the job is scheduled to begin.  Even homeowners who are planting new trees or shrubs must call JULIE before digging.

Gabriel uses JULIE’s services before every soil boring job, UST removal, and soil excavation.  After we call in the site address for the job, a representative from each utility company in the area will visit the site within 48 hours to mark all of their utility lines with paint and/or flags.  Each JULIE request is then valid for 14 days.  Gabriel then knows which areas to avoid with our soil borings or excavation.

JULIE is only responsible for marking public utilities, so occasionally Gabriel must hire a private locator company for sites with complicated private underground utilities (such as an active gas station with many product lines or a large industrial site).

So if you see the following paint and/or flags on a property, you know that JULIE has recently been to the site:


Within the City of Chicago, DIGGER handles these underground marking requests.

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