AAI Changes

In November 2006, the EPA created a new set of standards to conduct All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) through Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. AAI-compliant Environmental Site Assessments involve more research and interviews than ASTM 1527-00, the former Phase I standard. While both guidelines may still be accepted, AAI is the highest level of liability protection available.

In late 2013, ASTM updated its standard (1527-13). The EPA has confirmed this latest version complies with AAI regulations.

Gabriel is your complete AAI resource

  • Gabriel’s “traditional protocol” Phase I Assessments meet or exceed ASTM 1527-00
  • Gabriel’s AAI-compliant Phase I Assessments meet or exceed ASTM 1527-13
  • Gabriel’s staff meet or exceed all of the requirements for an Environmental Professional (EP) under the AAI rules

PDF For more details about the AAI changes

PDF AAI Comparisons: a list of specific differences between a traditional Phase I and an AAI-compliant Phase I

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