Brownfields Services

Brownfields are abandoned or under-used, contaminated sites, in rural or urban areas, that require a complex initiative to restore them to clean, safe and productive property. These cases often require a substantial investment of time and money, but can typically be returned to a fully functioning capacity.

Brownfields ExampleFunding may be available through the IEPA or federal EPA, and Gabriel can help guide municipalities through the grant application process.

Gabriel also works with private purchasers to reclaim progressive use of a building or land. Often these newly clean properties can be resold at a significant profit to the investor.

Trust Gabriel’s extensive Brownfields experience

Gabriel has been restoring Brownfields since the 1990s, having successfully completed hundreds of projects. Because Gabriel is the only area firm offering complete air, soil and water analyses, you’ll benefit from our cost-efficient, time-saving approach. In addition, Brownfields can require many different types of services. Gabriel’s comprehensive services include:

From our customers:

"We have done business with Gabriel for many years, both in due diligence for our loan relationships and as a consultant directly for the Bank. Gabriel is knowledgeable, responsive and ahead of the curve in environmental issues. And, they are a pleasure to work with."

Dan LaPetina
American Enterprise Bank

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