Phase II/Soil Borings

When soil contamination is suspected, a subsurface investigation is the first step in evaluating whether the property requires cleanup.

A Phase II Investigation generally consists of soil borings, laboratory analysis and data assessment. After the level and extent of contamination are established, the owner, buyer or lender (or occasionally the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency) decides if formal closure is necessary or desirable for the property.

Soil boring images

Only one Chicago-area firm has complete in-house capabilities.

Gabriel provides a complete solution with extensive in-house capabilities, including our own comprehensive laboratory. In fact, we are the only Chicago-area consulting firm who handles the entire investigation from start to finish, providing you a streamlined, thorough and efficient process.

In addition, Gabriel offers:

  • Generator-equipped boring units—no power necessary
  • The ability to core through 14″+ of concrete or asphalt
  • Hydraulically powered Geoprobe® rigs that obtain deeper samples more quickly without mess
  • Portable boring rigs
  • Installation and monitoring of groundwater wells
  • Auger boring capabilities