Gabriel is the most qualified wastewater consulting firm in the area.

Our knowledge of Metropolitan Water Reclamation Department (MWRD) rules, as well as other municipal and state regulations, is unparalleled. In addition, our strict adherence to proper sampling protocol is not only in accordance to all state, federal and local regulations, it has also earned us commendations from the MWRD.

Wastewater testing

When it comes to the most cost-efficient, streamlined handling of your wastewater issues as well as expert consultation, you can count on Gabriel. As the only area wastewater consulting firm with complete end-to-end services, including an in-house NELAC-certified laboratory, Gabriel gets it done.

  • RD-925
    User Charge Annual Certified Statement
  • RD-920
    User Charge Certified Sampling Analysis Reporting Statement
  • RD-115
    Continued Compliance Report
  • RD-112
    Compliance Schedule
  • RD-114
    Final Compliance Report—P.E. Required
  • RD-118
    Discharge Authorization Request—P.E. Required
  • NPDES Permitting and Sampling
  • Stormwater Runoff Compliance
  • Discharge Flow Measurement and Flow Meter Calibration
  • Equipment repair
  • Baseline Monitoring Reports
  • Other Wastewater Consulting