Class K Training

Gabriel offers the only comprehensive Class K Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator training in Chicago.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) mandates that all industrial facilities with pretreatment plants have a certified operator specifically for their site, and each operator must pass an IEPA test to become certified. Once an operator becomes certified, the only time they need to become re-certified is when their facility’s wastewater treatment plant has any upgrades. Otherwise, their certification does not expire.

Gabriel can help your wastewater operators pass their test, so you can avoid fines and stay in compliance. We have an excellent track record with our students passing their exams.

Training services

Our training classes are offered several times each year, and individualized training can be set up at your facility. We will help your operators master your wastewater treatment plant particulars, including:

  1. flow schematics;
  2. purpose of each treatment unit;
  3. theory of operation (principles of treatment) for each treatment unit;
  4. measures used to prevent and correct process upsets;
  5. methods used for solids handling;
  6. sludge disposal techniques;
  7. sources, characteristics, and concentrations of the industrial wastes;
  8. removal efficiencies for each treatment unit;
  9. effluent monitoring requirements;
  10. laboratory techniques and interpretation of laboratory results;
  11. safety considerations;
  12. rules and regulations which apply; and
  13. record keeping.