Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment uncovers any potential risk associated with the subject site and adjoining land, as defined by ASTM and/or AAI standards. Gabriel’s Phase I Site Assessments are offered in accordance with either the traditional ASTM E-1527-00 or the new AAI/ASTM 1527-13 standards.

A Phase I does not determine the degree or extent of any contamination, but merely establishes if contamination is likely or already exists. This evaluation is important for anyone buying or selling industrial, commercial, or large residential property. Banks require a Phase I for new purchases and often for refinancing.

A pioneer and leader in Phase I Assessments

Phase 1 SiteSince the inception of ASTM standards in the mid-1990s, Gabriel has been a key provider of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. We perform 450-650+ of them annually, and our work is accepted by over 350 lending institutions.

The purpose of a Phase I should not be total risk avoidance, but an effort to gain sufficient information about each site so that an intelligent decision can be made. The scope of Gabriel’s Phase I Site Assessments includes:

  • Site history and description
  • Surrounding site usage
  • Water sources and discharges
  • Surrounding regulatory sites
  • Underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Soil conditions

From our customers:

"Through my 10+ years of working with you and your company, Gabriel's work has always been of the highest quality. From simple Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to complex sites with soil contamination, Gabriel's services are cost-effective and always keep the client at the forefront of the decisions."

Julia Van Vliet
Vice President Commercial Loans
Bridgeview Bank

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