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February 12th, 2015

MWRD’s RD-925 Annual User Charge Statement Due Next Week

February 2015 calendarTime is running out to complete your RD-925 Annual User Charge Statement before the February 20th, 2015 due date.  If Gabriel is completing the RD-925 on your behalf, we have been in touch with you about the information we need.  If you have not yet sent us the requested information, please email/fax/mail that information in as quickly as possible.

If Gabriel has already completed your RD-925, be sure that you have signed and mailed your official forms to MWRD, as well as any payment required.  If they don’t receive the RD-925 by February 20th, 2015, they will assess late filing penalties.

Contact our Water Department at WaterDept[at]gabenv.com or 773-486-2123 if you have any questions about this RD-925 filing.